The Michigan Railroads Association (MRA) is the industry’s avenue to the legislative and a forum for the legislature to share concerns regarding freight rail matters. 

The MRA reviews all introduced legislation in the House and Senate.  Proposed legislation affecting the rail industry is shared with our members.  Final industry positions regarding legislation are then communicated to the legislature.  We pursue the same activity with the appropriate personnel in the state departments and the legislative rules process.



The MRA is actively involved with several state departments including the departments of Transportation, State Police, Treasury, State, Education, Environmental Quality and Michigan Economic Development Corporation regarding safety, environmental, taxation, regulatory and economic development issues.


The Michigan Railroads Association publishes the Michigan Rail Update twice annually.  The publication addresses major rail issues and solutions to problems the industry faces.  It is mailed to all legislators, state department directors and senior staff, law enforcement, fire chiefs, emergency response directors, local governmental officials, the press and others who are concerned with Michigan’s rail industry.

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Additionally, the Michigan Railroads Association interacts with economic development agencies and related trade associations concerning freight rail matters.


The Michigan Railroads Association provides support for Michigan’s Operation Lifesaver activities, part of a national program to reduce trespassing and prevent rail grade crossing accidents.  Working closely with many state departments and local, county and state law enforcement officials, the MRA and its members actively pursue solutions to prevent avoidable accidents through a combination of education, enforcement and engineering.

The Michigan affiliate of Operation Lifesaver is also active in speaking at schools, Boy and Girl Scout gatherings and numerous other youth events.  Please contact Operation Lifesaver to request an educational presentation, videos, educational brochures, instructional information and other materials for audiences of all ages.

Michigan Operation Lifesaver

Sam Crowl, Coordinator

Phone: 248-823-7037

Fax: 248-828-7481



Michigan Operation Lifesaver on Facebook


Lansing is home of the first privately built, publicly owned hazardous materials training center in the nation.  The center was partially financed through monetary and equipment donations by Michigan Railroads Association members.  The center gives Michigan’s emergency response personnel a central location to receive critical and ongoing training in responding to hazardous materials incidents involving all transportation modes.

MI Haz-Mat Training Center